~The Ten of Us~

*A Day In Our Life*
*It Is The Sweet Simple Things of Life Which Are the Real Ones After All*
"And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen."~Ward Elliot Hour


Laura had a great time at prom. she's been waiting a long time for this and her and boyfriend looked so good together. Emily helped her with her hair and did a great job. it wsa fun buying her dress together a few weeks ago. she was so excited. we went last weekend to get pedis and manis together.
took em, Audrey, and livy shopping tonight. got some things at the mall. looked at cute puppies. Emily fell in love with pomerians. I had one.. a present for my 16th bd, she was so small. her name was nikki and we thought she was the cutest thing.  she would bite if you tried to get her out from under the couch which would drive me crazy because this was her favorite hiding place.  after shopping we went to cookout and got some food. always have fun with my girls.
we made beach plans for june.  bran's coming home hopefully on Laura's 17 th birthday weekend. he's going to Richmond this week for spring break with his college group at ki alpha.
ben wants to get a serious gaming computer.  he can get his learners in the fall. might have him wait until he's close to 17 or 18 before he gets license based on insurance premiums. bran and laura both hit deers in the last few months almost exactly at the same place. bran had a accident in uva, Laura's deer damage was $2000. plus transmission issues a couple of weeks before that. it adds up quickly.
deciding soon if we're going to send savannah to preschool. she seems so little to go. and my last child. not sure what to do. I'm going to have to get a job preferably evening like 7 til 3am or something like that would be perfect for me.
I hope the snow goes away. ready to get flowers out and warm up a little bit. pool will be opening in 2 mos so warm weather will be here soon. livy still doing sca, laura doing honor society volunteer, she got the lead in the Cinderella musical, ben got on a-b honor roll he's really pulled his grades up. very proud of him. laura has to do her sat in may.hoping to get into uva. would be great.  a little early but Emily maybe wants to be a nurse. that would be awesome if she would do that. in 10 yrs i'll only savannah and Jonah as minors, 14 and 17. can't believe that.
I was on the road all week last week with my appts, laura ortho appt hoping to get braces off in time for musical on may 1. crossing fingers. kids are tired of being off from school from snow. they will go back on Monday and not too much longer and school will be out again. goodnight


us Christmas 2014. it was so nice having all the kids here. it seemed whole again.

me and my little buddy....we're having a great time together these days.


all the kids...Christmas 2014.....Livy 9, Brandon 19, Audrey 10, Emily 12, Savannah 4, Jonah 7, Laura 16, and Ben 15. They are growing up way too fast.