~The Ten of Us~

*A Day In Our Life*
*It Is The Sweet Simple Things of Life Which Are the Real Ones After All*
"And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen."~Ward Elliot Hour


the kids and me Christmas 2014. it was so nice having all the kids here. it seemed whole again.

me and my little buddy Jonah....we're having a great time together these days. went to see Brandon last week to take him some tax forms to see how much tuition help he can get next year.  he showed us around the library....and a place called the harry potter room. uva is such a beautiful campus. I have pictures. laura got the lead in the cinderella school musical. she has a beautiful singing voice which is a good thing since there are lots of singing parts. they are planning a trip to nyc next fall maybe. the kids are doing well in school, getting great grades. laura and I enjoy going to the gym together. life is passing by way too fast. I wish it would slow down. it's funny how things are really, really calm around here and then it isn't. it can go from quiet to really loud really fast. that's the way it is when you have a lot of kids of different ages. they can push each other's buttons. laura went to a 50's birthday party tonight for one of her friends. I drove her there because her car is in the shop again. she hit a deer the other night and it ruined her radiator and hood. and will cost a bunch to fix it. I'm just glad she's ok. I hate rural roads....too dark, too many deer, fast driving. I would rather live closer in.  I took Emily and livy to the mall. we had ben and jerry's ice cream and looked at the puppies. then we ate at chickfila. I try to have special time with all of the kids where I can get a chance to spend time with two or three. it's important to do that. Jonah and savannah didn't have any cavities at the dentist yesterday. I need to go. but I hate the dentist really bad. savannah is up with me playing on her ipod. I mentioned that rain our pony died. miss her so much...she was sweet. tomorrow we're going out for valentines for dinner or something. I bought candy for the kids. we have lots of good chocolate. happy valentines day!


all the kids...Christmas 2014.....Livy 9, Brandon 19, Audrey 10, Emily 12, Savannah 4, Jonah 7, Laura 16, and Ben 15. They are growing up way too fast.