~The Ten of Us~

*A Day In Our Life*
*It Is The Sweet Simple Things of Life Which Are the Real Ones After All*
"And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen."~Ward Elliot Hour

Sunday, April 12

life has been busy. the kids had spring break this week. I enjoyed having them here. it was nice that they could relax a little bit, even though a few of the older kids had homework. I need to cut the boy's hair.  savannah hurt her knee on the trampoline and couldn't walk very well for a few days. she's fine now and walks like usual.  I've been out almost every day this week. laura went to ortho appt and she's getting her braces off soon, right before her musical. she has her SAT on may 1. and some AP exams in the new few weeks. talked to bran today. he's doing well. he had to take some meds to get rid of a bad case of poison ivy he got when he went to Richmond on spring break. he's excited to come back home. we're excited to have him. he and his roomates are renting a house next semester. we have to buy new bed  furniture and a dresser. he's excited about living in a house. he's rooming with 9 people I think. he's keeping his gpa at 3.8. impressive for someone taking 17 credits. he's going to work with his dad this summer, as is ben I think. I took the five youngest kids to the park today. savannah had a break down about something. she is a little drama queen sometimes. but she sure is cute. swimming is coming up soon. laura and I have been working out at the gym. I walk 2.5 miles, bike 3 miles, and do some arm and leg exercises. a  medication I'm on makes it harder to lose weight. not that I have to because I was thin before, I've gained about 5 lbs. maybe we'll go together tomorrow. we use to do it more but the kids have so many different places to go. livy went to a friend's birthday party this weekend.  I'm planning a weekend getaway hopefully soon. I'm reading about 5 books at the same time. hard to keep up with the storylines, but a couple of the books are boring. one is a true crime that took place locally about a murder of a wife made to look like suicide. and then a couple other beach reads. I took the girls out this weekend and bought bathing suits and various summer clothes. laura got her prom pictures and I bought a frame for it. she was so cute with her then boyfriend. they're now just taking time off and being friends. I took Jonah and savannah out for a special day just for them. we went to the dollar store and let them pick out a few things and then to mcdonalds for kids meals. they were happy about that. I hate changes. it gets me depressed. I take things hard. and I worry a lot about the kids. and it doesn't get easier as they get older, in fact it gets worse.  we went out for a "date" last weekend. ate at a steak house which was so good. the days are passing too fast. I can't believe it. young kids want to be older and older people want to be younger. funny how that works.

Sunday, March 8

Laura had a great time at prom. she's been waiting a long time for this and her and boyfriend looked so good together. Emily helped her with her hair and did a great job. it wsa fun buying her dress together a few weeks ago. she was so excited. we went last weekend to get pedis and manis together.
took em, Audrey, and livy shopping tonight. got some things at the mall. looked at cute puppies. Emily fell in love with pomerians. I had one.. a present for my 16th bd, she was so small. her name was nikki and we thought she was the cutest thing.  she would bite if you tried to get her out from under the couch which would drive me crazy because this was her favorite hiding place.  after shopping we went to cookout and got some food. always have fun with my girls.
we made beach plans for june.  bran's coming home hopefully on Laura's 17 th birthday weekend. he's going to Richmond this week for spring break with his college group at ki alpha.
ben wants to get a serious gaming computer.  he can get his learners in the fall. might have him wait until he's close to 17 or 18 before he gets license based on insurance premiums. bran and laura both hit deers in the last few months almost exactly at the same place. bran had a accident in uva, Laura's deer damage was $2000. plus transmission issues a couple of weeks before that. it adds up quickly.
deciding soon if we're going to send savannah to preschool. she seems so little to go. and my last child. not sure what to do. I'm going to have to get a job preferably evening like 7 til 3am or something like that would be perfect for me.
I hope the snow goes away. ready to get flowers out and warm up a little bit. pool will be opening in 2 mos so warm weather will be here soon. livy still doing sca, laura doing honor society volunteer, she got the lead in the Cinderella musical, ben got on a-b honor roll he's really pulled his grades up. very proud of him. laura has to do her sat in may.hoping to get into uva. would be great.  a little early but Emily maybe wants to be a nurse. that would be awesome if she would do that. in 10 yrs i'll only savannah and Jonah as minors, 14 and 17. can't believe that.
I was on the road all week last week with my appts, laura ortho appt hoping to get braces off in time for musical on may 1. crossing fingers. kids are tired of being off from school from snow. they will go back on Monday and not too much longer and school will be out again. goodnight

Saturday, February 14

us Christmas 2014. it was so nice having all the kids here. it seemed whole again.

me and my little buddy....we're having a great time together these days.

Sunday, January 11

all the kids...Christmas 2014.....Livy 9, Brandon 19, Audrey 10, Emily 12, Savannah 4, Jonah 7, Laura 16, and Ben 15. They are growing up way too fast.

Monday, December 15

it's been so busy i barely have time to even think about writing here anymore. something fun to write about.....this is birthday weekend for ben and jonah...15 and 7 already. ben had some friends over. i bought lots of pizza. christmas shopping has been busy. i bet i've gone out at least a dozen times in the past few weeks. and everytime i go in a store, i buy something for the kids even if i hadn't planned to. it's always easy to find something for the little kids. it gets harder with the older ones. jonah's easy....legos and more legos. the  girls love their american girl dolls and makeup, hair stuff. i'm trying to replace the am.girl dolls. some of them got accidentally thrown out awhile back....cleaning some stuff out and mistaken a bag of dolls for trash. the older kids like electronics and money. which is absolutely understandable especially for brandon. college is expensive. it's really true about what college students eat....ramen noodles, rice, anything cheap. because everything else is so expensive there's little left to feed them with. laura's easy to buy for because she's practical and knows exactly what she wants. i don't try to pick out clothes anymore unless they're with me. they really like what they like. not as easy as it use to be when they were little and would wear anything. i did pick out emily a few things that i think she'll like, if not it can be returned. christmas can be overwhelming with everything that has to be done and i really don't like to leave anyone out. and i try not to but sometimes it's hard to keep up. laura has a dance program at church. livy is going to be in the 3rd grade school christmas program. jonah's doing a class play. bran's coming home this week. emily's cheer season is coming to an end...she has 2 more games left. summer and fall have been really busy. winter will be less so. prom is early...in march. so that's the next thing on the list. something pretty for laura. our second bathroom project is almost done. it's been 6 wks since that project was started. now one more bathroom eventually...no hurry for that.  putting iron rails on the stairs with new drywall. that one i'm looking forward to. neighbors are great and everything but they should just tell us when they think something's wrong. the boys were playing with their air guns/pellet guns when 2 deputies arrived and said someone had called, said they were aiming at our horses. ben's like my dad. he would never hurt a fly.they should have just come asked us. we'd have told them that and saved the officers a trip. i have to think about Christmas wrapping. maybe i can get some of the kids to help. they like to wrap. i get overwhelmed.