~The Ten of Us~

*A Day In Our Life*
*It Is The Sweet Simple Things of Life Which Are the Real Ones After All*
"And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen."~Ward Elliot Hour


it's been so busy i barely have time to even think about writing here anymore. something fun to write about.....this is birthday weekend for ben and jonah...15 and 7 already. ben had some friends over. i bought lots of pizza. christmas shopping has been busy. i bet i've gone out at least a dozen times in the past few weeks. and everytime i go in a store, i buy something for the kids even if i hadn't planned to. it's always easy to find something for the little kids. it gets harder with the older ones. jonah's easy....legos and more legos. the  girls love their american girl dolls and makeup, hair stuff. i'm trying to replace the am.girl dolls. some of them got accidentally thrown out awhile back....cleaning some stuff out and mistaken a bag of dolls for trash. the older kids like electronics and money. which is absolutely understandable especially for brandon. college is expensive. it's really true about what college students eat....ramen noodles, rice, anything cheap. because everything else is so expensive there's little left to feed them with. laura's easy to buy for because she's practical and knows exactly what she wants. i don't try to pick out clothes anymore unless they're with me. they really like what they like. not as easy as it use to be when they were little and would wear anything. i did pick out emily a few things that i think she'll like, if not it can be returned. christmas can be overwhelming with everything that has to be done and i really don't like to leave anyone out. and i try not to but sometimes it's hard to keep up. laura has a dance program at church. livy is going to be in the 3rd grade school christmas program. jonah's doing a class play. bran's coming home this week. emily's cheer season is coming to an end...she has 2 more games left. summer and fall have been really busy. winter will be less so. prom is early...in march. so that's the next thing on the list. something pretty for laura. our second bathroom project is almost done. it's been 6 wks since that project was started. now one more bathroom eventually...no hurry for that.  putting iron rails on the stairs with new drywall. that one i'm looking forward to. neighbors are great and everything but they should just tell us when they think something's wrong. the boys were playing with their air guns/pellet guns when 2 deputies arrived and said someone had called, said they were aiming at our horses. ben's like my dad. he would never hurt a fly.they should have just come asked us. we'd have told them that and saved the officers a trip. i have to think about Christmas wrapping. maybe i can get some of the kids to help. they like to wrap. i get overwhelmed.