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*A Day In Our Life*
*It Is The Sweet Simple Things of Life Which Are the Real Ones After All*
"And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen."~Ward Elliot Hour

Tuesday, December 25

i'm so tired. the tree is down and the ornaments put away. the kids enjoyed their gifts. they're so sweet on christmas morning, waiting patiently to open their presents. i didn't go to bed til very late last night. apparently santa forgot to put the gifts out. and then he read emily's dear santa letter that said she wanted a candy cane in her stocking. he had to be creative with that, but he granted her wish. and he almost forgot to eat the cookies, drink the milk, and feed the carrot to the reindeer per audrey's request. so it was a short night. we visited both families which was nice.
later in the afternoon, between visits, ben and i were outside rearranging the antiques that i'm going to try to get rid of. i was in the building separating the donation stuff from the antiques i want to sell. audrey came out and said tiger  (my favorite of the 3 kittens) was across the dangerous road in front of our house. i didn't think he was. but i went out to look and sure enough he was on the other side of the road. well i'll bet you can guess what happened....right in front of me, ben and emily. so we don't have my favorite kitty anymore. i had just said today how handsome a kitty he was.  i don't handle disaster too well. and tend to panic. i screamed for kenny out the back door to come and get tiggy because i thought he was dead... but before he could come out i impulsively ran out to pick him up out of the road. i was right. i couldn't stand to see him lying there even for a minute longer. my poor little kitty who just a few hours earlier had been sleeping happily in the chair. so that didn't make any of us feel too good.
we had a good breakfast at kenny's moms and a good dinner at my brother's house. we opened presents and played foosball. it was quieter without dad. it's different. i think that was why i was so sad last night. things are always changing. people are always leaving...coming in and out of your life. i've always had a hard time saying goodbye....even when people i know move away or leave my life for whatever reason. some people you see again, reconnect with, some you don't. but goodbyes are not fun, especially permanent ones....well at least in this life they're not. it's sad.
this is my dr-appt week. i have 3 over the next 3 days. and then a fun weekend if i don't get sick or  back out. i've contemplated canceling. but nevertheless, i hope i don't have to because of getting ill with the flu. i would rather go with indecision, and most likely enjoy myself, versus laying at home sick in bed.
. the adults seem quieter this year....sadder because of their losses....but the kids were laughing and having fun. i'm glad they still have their innocence and joy that you can only experience as kids. they're lucky. i remember being that way. i hope it lasts for them for a long time. well....i'm going to enjoy a cup of coffee and kick back. trying to recover from shopping/present-wrapping overload. tomorrow maybe i'll ask kenny to put my new birdfeeder up. that's one thing we haven't done this year is feed the birds. we always enjoy watching them eat. very peaceful.