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*It Is The Sweet Simple Things of Life Which Are the Real Ones After All*
"And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen."~Ward Elliot Hour

Tuesday, January 22


ben and i went to the library last night....but it was closed. totally forgot it was a holiday. anyway...i dropped my diagnosis book back. i think i'm going buy one because it was so good. i now have a 60cent fine. when you put the book in the book dispenser they must not count it until the next day i guess. but since the library was closed i took the opportunity to go shopping and found some things. ben needed a new jacket....a good price which is always nice. we ate at five guys. love their hamburgers. they give lots of fries.
savannah is going to brush my hair. she'll be done in one brush. my hair needs more than one brush. she's so sweet to try though.
so i think back when people were watching us so closely on how we raised our kids...not that they still don't but not as much i think. after all now the school system's keeping an eye on all that....not that i mind....not that i ever did....certainly not the reason behind the way we were doing things. ben was telling me how "well behaved" some of  the kids are and "so respectful" to the teachers (sarcastically speaking)...so they've already got their hands full, probably a lot more than i did. so anyway....still glad someone more professional is helping with that. don't need  inexperienced 18 yr olds coming over to "check things out". as if we didn't know. it's always those that have one kid or better yet, no kids, who know everything. i'm getting my joy watching things now. seriously?....how we never took our kids anywhere...what?! (even though we were always taking them on outings as evidenced here). troublemakers:) trying to make us look bad. isn't that always the way? if it makes them feel better about themselves...go for it. not so easy after all huh? especially when you feel overly analyzed and criticized. but i knew what goes around comes around. karma is like that.
emily didn't go to school today. still battling a terrible cold or flu. brandon went but was sick all weekend. glad exam week is over, he says. he always said he's not good in math, but he got a 100. he and laura are going to washington this weekend.
why is it the more you do something for someone, the less they appreciate it? entitlement is so annoying, but when it's taught well, people really take advantage of it.
kenny's out late getting a job with jonah. the customer had a little boy he could play with.
i generally dislike stereotyping because i really like to individualize people and not label, but sometimes it's true. people can live up to their stereotypes, which is fine...i guess in some ways we all meet the criteria for that. one of my favorite people and i had a laugh about that. he nailed it when he described something immediately that it took me awhile to say in a roundabout way because i didnt want to offend. i try to choose my words carefully. i love it when people get things and don't beat around the bush. and to be understood is so nice.
it was bitter cold outside going to feed rain, but it was actually much warmer in her barn with all the hay and sunshine.
done folding two giant baskets of laundry. picking up the never-ending savannah trail of stuff. fixing various food requests. just some dishes left to do. bookbags to check. but i don't do anything....queen that i am....right....8 kids, big house to keep up, huge responsibility all over the place....with lots of dust included to keep me busy. not the way i'd describe my life...queens don't do these things. if i didn't know better, i'd think some people are very covetous of other people's lives...making it sound like i think i'm a queen or something....funny. wanna trade places and be queen of my castle? probably not. after all this is my life that was made for me. no one can replace that. peaches is getting a little annoyed, trying to sleep but savannah won't let her. i know the feeling. just when you get cozy somebody needs something. bye.